ART IS GOOD FOR PAIN RELIEF – by Carole Lawrence

Carol Lawrence ArtI am a member of the Telford & Wrekin Fibromyalgia Support Group which is run by Helen Plant.  As a number of us in the group had artistic talents in one form or another, Helen decided to arrange a fortnightly art get together where members showed other members their particular talent and how to do their particular specialty.   I took along a travelling iron and encaustic waxes and demonstrated how to apply the wax to the iron and spread it across the non-absorbent paper (see picture), although my main artistic talent is oil painting.  We had sketching going on, acrylic painting, Macramé bead jewelry, card making, recycling last years fashions, scrap-booking etc.  Future meetings hope to include icing flowers and painting pebbles.  Other talents in the group include photography, cake making and knitting.


You don’t need to be particularly arty or talented; its purpose is to allow people to just have a go at various things.  One of the main enjoyments is chatting and laughing together and focusing on our art endeavors which help to take your mind off your pain – like a sort of meditation.  Not to mention the lovely cakes that members sometimes bake and bring along for us to enjoy with a cuppa.


Telford & Wrekin Fibromyalgia Support Group is not only for those suffering with fibro, but also welcomes their carers and family along as well.  We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 11am to 1pm, normally at the International Hotel, Telford, but this venue can change if we have a speaker, so it is always best to check beforehand where the meeting is taking place.  If anyone wants any more information about the group please contact Helen on 0844 887 2392 or email:  Web: or find us on facebook at Telford & Wrekin Fibro Support Group.

One thought on “ART IS GOOD FOR PAIN RELIEF – by Carole Lawrence

  1. Ruby

    Carole, what talent. Thank you for sharing this blog with us and letting us see just one piece of your art work. Really would like you to share more with our members, it shows what can be done, how we can get some relief from having a hobby and interest. Your Telford & Wrekin Fibromyalgia Support Group sounds really good and helpful.
    There must be other members with Gifts and Talents & stories behind them, that could shared with the SDN Membership, so if you, our members would like to share with others please do. Many thanks Carole.

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