Arcadea – Art, Culture and Disability Equality



Telephone: 0191 222 0708 or  Freephone: 0800 145 5345

Address: 39 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle NE1 6QE

Founded by disabled people in 1991 to address the inequality of disabled people in arts and culture, Arcadea is a user led organisation of Disabled People based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We work to create equality of opportunity in arts and culture for disabled people in the North East of England. We do this by supporting and promoting the work of disabled artists, by enabling and facilitating disabled people to access all aspects of the arts, by assisting cultural venues to become inclusive and by presenting a programme of arts and cultural activity.

Arcadea is a cultural organisation based in the North East of England promoting and supporting the cultural equality of Disabled people.

We are excited to be part of regional, national and international cultural innovation and are committed to increasing the cultural status of Disabled people and to raising the profile of  Disabled artists work to ensure that as Disabled people we can fully participate in all aspects of British cultural life at all levels.

On our web site you can find out more about us and our work, and there is lots of information relating to news, diary, jobs and projects. You can also download news, bulletins and research.

Arcadea is staffed and managed by Disabled people who are experienced and qualified experts in Disability Equality in Art and Culture, and as a regional agency we are the representative organisation in art and culture.

Our work is strategic and whilst we have a regional remit, we contribute regularly to national thinking and national policy in relation to Disability Equality in Art and Culture.

We work directly with over 1000 Disabled artists and Disability Groups from around the country (and the world!) to ensure our community is supported, developed and visible.

We have partners in the wider arts sector with whom we work to increase understanding about Disability Equality in Art and Culture as a value beyond access.

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