Appalled? You Should Be!

On Wednesday the BBC published a story about 14,000 disabled people who had had their mobility taken away because the new PIP Assessment said that they no longer qualified.

This means that people lost their cars and their mobility scooters. The Government called it “fair”. Fair because people’s conditions changed and they no longer needed their transport. Fair because they had a right to appeal.

The BBC piece shows just how “unfair” the whole process is: inadequate representation, inadequate advice and a stressful appeals process in which 40% of appellants were unsuccessful in getting their mobility back.

This story didn’t make the front pages; it should have. You can read all about it here: BBC UK News.

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Do you think its fair that disabled people should have their right to mobility removed under the current PIP assessment scheme?
  • No. This whole process is a sham to save money and further penalise disabled people 100%, 1 vote
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  • Yes. Situations do change and it's fair that people should lose their mobility if they no longer need it. 0%, 0 votes
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February 4, 2016 - February 26, 2016
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