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Description: Hayden Jenkins DSA ADI RoADA Member of the Motor Schools Association GB, The RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association and Disabled Motoring UK

Alpha Automatic is a driving School run by Hayden Jenkins who has his own disability and is an Automatic Vehicle Tuition Specialist.

Alpha is committed to providing driving tuition to people who have Physical Disability or Specialist Educational Needs. With over 20 years experience in driver training. Through personal experience of disability and how it progresses the business has developed into this specialist area.

Alpha specialises in a wealth of knowledge on all kinds  of adaptations available to meet needs including Cowal Push Hand controls with indicators, steering aids, Contego digital Hearing device with loop, Lodgesons Secondary Controls with Ball or Lollipop grip and many more.

Clients needing more complex adaptations could train in their own vehicle, this is particularly important for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

With much experience on several disabilities including MS, Chronic Fatigue, Amputation, Visual & Hearing Impairment, Spinal Injury and Chronic pain, Autistic Spectrum including Aspergers, ADHA, recovering Alcoholics is to name but few.

 You can receive advice and help prior to DVLA Returning to Driving Assessment with a specialist Driving Instructor with over 21 years experience and specialising in Training Special Educational Needs, Disability tuition using adapted vehicle, Adaptation, familiarization training.

 Covering Shrewsbury, Telford and surrounding areas.

Find us on Face Book Alpha Disability Driving Lessons and Twitter @alphaautodriv 

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