Age Uk’s response to the Government’s State Pension age announcement

Shropshire Disability Network have been asked to share this with you.

In response to the DWP’s announcement that the State Pension age will rise to 68 earlier than planned, Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, said:

“In bringing forward a rise in State Pension age by seven years, the Government is picking the pockets of everyone in their late forties and younger, despite there being no objective case in Age UK’s view to support it at this point in time. Indeed, it is astonishing that this is being announced the day after new authoritative research suggested that the long term improvement in life expectancy is stalling. For people in midlife and younger their State Pension may seem a lifetime away but the fact is that the change announced today will have a real impact on them later in life.

 “Meanwhile, Age UK remains very concerned about the situation of millions of people in their sixties today who are unable to work because of ill health, caring or unemployment; who are having to wait longer for their State Pension than they had reasonably hoped and expected; and who are being thrown back on a benefits regime that was not really designed for them, or forced to draw down savings put away to see them through their retirement.”

 You can read the Government’s press release here:

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