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You can advertise your business or service on the SDN website for as little as £75 for 3 months. You will get a prominent square advert containing your logo or another image provided by you and a link to a page on your website.

SDN will provide you with a summary of the number of times people have clicked on your advert.

Please see below for a list of our advertising rates and our advertising policy.

The SDN Management Committee will accept advertising and sponsorship on the basis of a table of rates. The Committee is, however, willing to consider entering into a long-term agreement with advertisers and sponsors who share our vision and want to build a closer relationship with SDN.

SDN trialled advertising with special rates for 12 months & have agreed that the rates will be reviewed annually. Our charges now are as follows:

SDN Website Advertising Rates
Rates £75 £135 £185 £225
Time  3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months


SDN Advertising and Sponsorship Policy

  1.  Advertising  

Shropshire Disability Network will accept appropriate advertising in both its online and printed versions of its newsletter ‘Your Voice’ and the SDN Website.

All advertisements must comply with the regulations set out by the Advertising Standards Authority.  They must be approved by the SDN Management Committee or an individual or nominated Sub Committee. The SDN Management Committee may refuse to accept an advertisement without explanation. If a complaint is received which, if not addressed by removal, might damage the SDN brand, an advertisement may be removed before the expiration of any agreed display period.

Advertisements that do not comply with SDN’s vision or might bring the Network into disrepute will not be accepted.

 SDN cannot confirm the availability of targeting facilities in respect of key words or key names.

 All advertisements must comply with the guidelines laid out by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), as well as the principles laid out by the British Code of Advertising and Sales Promotion.

All advertisements for pharmaceutical products must comply with ABPI guidelines if they are to be seen in the UK.

In addition, advertisements for pharmaceutical products targeting the UK must link to a billboard advert, including prescribing information.

Third party ad-serving and tracking is forbidden.

  1.  Advertising rates

The SDN Management Committee will accept advertising based on a table of rates. The Committee is willing to consider entering into a long-term agreement with advertisers who share our vision.

Subscription 1 Quarter 2 Quarters 3 Quarters Annual
Website 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months
Newsletter 1 edition 2 editions 3 editions 4 editions
Rates £75 £135 £185 £225

3.  Sponsorship

The term sponsorship is understood to mean financial or other rewards received from third parties and is often offered and accepted on the understanding of mutual benefit.  Although acceptance does not imply that SDN endorses or even supports the commercial activities of the sponsor, there could be a public perception that this is the case. This is especially so when publicity surrounds sponsorship and the sponsored organisation has a clear set of aims and objectives which are widely known.

SDN will, therefore, encourage appropriate sponsorship.  However, a sponsor will have no influence on the content of the SDN website or newsletter.

Sponsorship will be acknowledged and clearly indicated.

The SDN logos may only appear on a sponsor’s website with written permission from the SDN Secretary or someone nominated on his/her behalf.  

4. Review of Policy

All SDN policies are reviewed annually.

Next Review Date April 2020
Review Author Ann Shaw, Honorary Secretary, SDN