Acton Scott Historic Working Farm Survey 2022

Start Date:
1st February 2022

End Date:
14th March 2022

Start Time:

End Time:

Over the years, some SDN members have visited this historic working farm. It is costly to continue to operate this farm so Shropshire Council are consulting everyone to give you the opportunity to say whether it should be kept or not.

The History of Acton Scott Historic Working Farm.  The farm was the vision of Thomas Acton, who established the museum to demonstrate historic farming techniques. It has been operated by Shropshire Council as tenants of the Acton Scott Estate since the 1970s.

Over the past four decades Acton Scott Historic Working Farm has welcomed thousands of visitors from across Shropshire and further afield, and in more recent years gained international fame on television. Now is the time to explore a new future for the farm, a future that builds on its remarkable agricultural heritage and evolves to ensure that it is relevant and engaging to the next generation.

With the broadcast of the BBC’s ‘Victorian Farm’ television programme numbers peaked in 2009 at about 45,000. After an initial decline visitor numbers plateaued at about 20,000 per year.  Since then, the farm has operated with a deficit of £168k per annum, which has been subsidised by Shropshire Council.

Acton Scott Historic Working Farm is highly regarded by both Shropshire residents and visitors. Shropshire Council genuinely welcome the thoughts and suggestions of both the local community and supporters of the farm from across the county.

Why have this survey?

Regrettably, subsidising the site is no longer considered a financially sustainable option for Shropshire Council, particularly given the need for Shropshire Council to prioritise statutory services (a statutory service is one we’re required to deliver in national legislation such as social care) and publicly-owned venues. This may result in Shropshire Council no longer running Acton Scott Historic Farm.

Shropshire Council are working with the Acton Scott Estate to find an alternative operating model that provides a sustainable future for the farm and will act as facilitator in collating community feedback and proposals. These will be passed on to the Acton Scott Estate to consider as possible alternative uses for the site. To have your say, click on the ‘How to get involved’ tab on this page.

Below are documents that you may wish to read and consider before taking part in the survey.

How can you respond to this survey?

Click on this link to complete the survey

You can also respond to this consultation in writing:

  • Email:
  • Post: Feedback and Insight Team, Shropshire Council, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shropshire SY2 6ND

If you’d like the survey questions in an alternative format, please email and tell us of any support you need to allow you to respond.

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