Accessibility statement

Shropshire Disability Network

Accessibility Policy

The website for Shropshire Disability Network has been developed to be accessible to as many users as possible.

  1. How our site implements Accessibility

 1.1 Consistency 

Consistent navigation, headings and typography throughout the site.

1.2 The Navigation

The main navigation (top menu) appears at the top of the page but in fact is below the page’s main content in the HTML structure of the pages. This means users with screen readers and users using a keyboard to navigate the site can get to the pages’ content without having to go through the navigation items.

1.3 Alternative Text

We endeavour to give appropriate Alternative Text to all images on the site. Alternative Text (Alt tags) provide a description of the displayed image. This is useful for users using screen readers and users with images turned off in their browsers.

1.4 Relevant Font Sizing

The text size of the site can be increased or decreased. Using relevant font sizing means this works correctly in all major browsers. We provide some controls to quickly change the text size located in the top right hand of each page (represented by three A’s).  Alternatively, you can change the font size in your browser.

1.5 Keyboard Navigation

The site can be successfully navigated using a keyboard instead of a mouse. The tab key will move you around the site from link to link each time it is pressed. To help speed up keyboard navigation some skip links are provided at the top left on every page. These skip links allow you to skip directly to either the page content, the main navigation, the left sidebar, the right sidebar or the footer. We also provide a sitemap with this links for another way to quickly access pages within the site.

1.6 Text Colours

To view the website in high visibility we have provided two sharp contrast themes in the colour options located in the top right of all pages. The two sharp contrast themes are black background with yellow text and yellow background with black text. Alternatively, you can change your browsers contrast settings.

1.7 Resources

2.   Review of Policy

All SDN policies are reviewed annually.


Next Review Date April 2020
Review Author Ann Shaw, Honorary Secretary, SDN