A4A – Action for Advocacy (closed 2013)

A4A - Action for Advocacy

A4A Action for Advocacy closed in 2013

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Address: Action for Advocacy, PO Box 31856, Lorrimore Square, London SE17 3XR

Action for Advocacy (A4A) is the central point of information on independent advocacy. Established in 2001, we work in England and Wales. We have built a reputation as the leading authority on the development of effective advocacy services for vulnerable and disempowered people.

Action for Advocacy (A4A) has produced a range of publications to raise awareness of, and support the development and delivery of effective advocacy.

Services include:

  • Planet Advocacy Magazine
  • A4A Training & Events
  • Capacity Building:  a4A provide a range of support for advocacy schemes including information and resources, responding to telephone queries about organisational development and one-to-one support through their Standards Support Project.
  • A monthly email bulletin includes latest news affecting the advocacy sector and latest training opportunities. It is free and easy to subscribe, and just as easy to unsubscribe.
  • Action for Advocacy (A4A) regularly responds to consultations on aspects of government policy which have implications for advocacy services and the people who use them. By doing this we aim to encourage a greater understanding of advocacy within government and promote increased opportunities for people to access advocacy and for the sector to develop.
  • QPM:  The Quality Performance Mark (QPM) is the only national advocacy specific quality assessment system which applies to all forms of one to one advocacy.
  • Membership of A4A:  Action for Advocacy launched it’s new membership scheme in October 08, designed to give advocacy providers the opportunity of increasing their involvement within the organisation and influence the future development of the sector.

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