A New App for Sign Language Alphabet-Share it with others please

Do you have an Andriod phone? If  so how about trying a new app that has been created by David Mullis from Dundalk IT College for use with android phones, for the sign language alphabet.

David Mullis

It is free in google play under: Sign Language Alphabet Ireland. 

David asks will you please encourage people to use the app but also to let him know of ways to improve it with a view to making similar apps. This innovation is helpful to all of us whether we have sensory impairment or not because it means we can all communicate with each other. So go on try it. What do you think? How did you get on with it? 

It helps by showing you the hand sign used in the sign alphabet. So if you tap a letter you will see a picture of that sign. Tap in a word and you will be shown how to spell that word in sign! 

Since producing this app David has already received some feedback enabling him to update his first version. Any SDN members willing to help David, help others, please do? It would be great if you could. 

Click on this link to find out how it work



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