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Have you paid and displayed?

Since early August, SDN has promoted under our “Consultation” tab on this website “Shropshire Council Parking Strategy”. With time running out for you to have your say, SDN feels the need to highlight a few points.

  • Some car parks will stay open for longer and would make applying for tickets and permits easier.
  • Are you happy about the proposed increases in charges to both on-street and town  centre car parks?
  • Whist hourly rates in the main commuter car parks at Frankwell and Abbey Foregate are slightly reduced, it means those currently parking for 10 hours for as little as £1,80 could face daily rates upwards of £20!

What impact will this have on you? Are the increases acceptable for you and your family? Do you think people will decide not to park in the town but use neighbouring residential areas? If so would this impact on you? (People already park in residential areas and is already a problem)

Do you think the proposals will mean people will stop shopping and visiting Shrewsbury? If so what impact will that have on businesses and your ability to shop locally? SDN can pose many questions.

We would encourage you to take part in Shropshire Council’s Parking Strategy before the deadline of Tuesday 17th October 2017

Click here to find out more or visit the “Get Involved section of Shropshire Council website to comment on any of the four sections of the proposals

5 A Day, A moment of Love and Death

What is 5 A Day, A moment of Love and Death? It explores the practice of euthanasia.

You can see it at Bishops Castle on Wednesday 25th October or in Shrewsbury on Friday 27th October.

It is human nature to crave control where none seems available. But do we really know anything about the practise of euthanasia? Do we see that choice at the end as easy, a gentle fading out? Are we oblivious to the whole story preferring to believe the information that is being spoon fed to us?

Based on extensive research, interviews, personal and published accounts Nikki Kenward’s play asks tough questions about euthanasia. Who do we think has the so called ‘right to die’? The man with motor neurone? The woman with only months left to live? The old lady scared half to death at the thought of going into care? Or should we follow Belgium and Holland and offer euthanasia to children or to young girls with anorexia or maybe those who aren’t sick or depressed but feel that they have a ‘completed life;’ all these are welcome at the buffet that really is the last supper, the last wave goodbye.

5 A DAY told in 5 short scenes is both touching, revealing and truly pertinent to all our lives. This
is the big question, for living, for dying, the journey no-one can escape, signed and sealed, a death worse than fate could await us all.

Not suitable for people under 15 years of age. 

Click here to find out how of the event at Bishops Castle on Wednesday 25th October,

Click here to find out details of the play being shown in Shrewsbury Friday 27th October Shrewsbury Performance is cancelled due to lack of support.

The play is around 50 minutes and there is an opportunity to stay and talk about the play. Note this is optional.

Shrewsbury Macular Support Group Gadgets Day

Start Date:
16th October 2017

End Date:
16th October 2017

Start Time:
10 am

End Time:
4 pm

Event title: Shrewsbury Macular Support Group Gadgets Day
Venue: St Nicholas Church Hall, United Reform Church, Coleham Head, Shrewsbury SY3 7BJ
Name: Shrewsbury Macular Support Group
Email: N/A
Telephone: 0300 3030 111 (helpline and for information on local meetings)
Event description: Gadgets Day is held every year by the Shrewsbury Macular Support Group giving you an opportunity to try the latest gadgets and explore what equipment may be available to help you.

There will be displays & demonstrations but we will not sell but can provide you with information & contacts.

This is a FREE drop in event, which is for everyone to come to. There will be light refreshments.

I.T. Free, Is here for You!

I.T. Free is a totally free weekly drop-in computer help clinic provided by the Omega – Care for Life charity. It takes place each Thursday between 10 am and 12 noon at  London House on Town Walls SY1 1TX 

Bring along your troublesome laptop, tablet, phone or camera (or even desktop box, if you can) and the ‘techies’ will be at your disposal. PC Mike (the no-nonsense one), Alan (the patient and enthusiastic one), Ian W (the king of jargon), Brandon (the empathetic and understanding one) and Jamie (the Apple guru) will sort out all your computer related problems. It is far better and constructive that you bring your equipment with you, rather than us try and resolve your problem by talking.

Most important at I.T. Free, we will show you how to solve your own problems rather than just do it for you as that will be more beneficial to you. We will not grab your mouse nor push you away from your keyboard, we will try to get you to fix your own problem.

Are you new to Shrewsbury? May be you have just started at University Centre, Shrewsbury or at Shrewsbury College and have a tight budget, if so IT FREE would be pleased to help you. It is as it says FREE. So whether a student, a silver surfer or any other age group IT FREE will be happy to help.

For more information on these sessions click here: IT Free Advert A4 (December 2016) with Nextdoor Welcome

For an Information leaflet click here: ITFree Tri-fold Leaflet (February 2017) with Nextdoor Welcome

SDN Quiz Night

Start Date:
22nd November 2017

End Date:
22nd November 2017

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: SDN Quiz Night
Venue: The Harry Hotspur, Harlescott Lane Shrewsbury SY1 3AT
Name: SDN Management Committee
Telephone: 07398 350 255 (SDN Secretary Mobile Number)
Event description: Come and join us for our Quiz night, by doing so you will be supporting your charity. We need to raise funds to operate so we think having a Quiz Night will enable people to socialise and have an enjoyable time. With your support making this event successful, we hope to hold further Quiz Nights.

Cost £1 per team member and no more than 5 members to a team.

There will be many prizes, laughter and more including a raffle.

Thank you to local businesses who have donated prizes for this event.

Please let us know you are entering by calling or texting SDN on 07398 350 255 (SDN Secretary Mobile Number) or email Not able to get a team together, don’t be put off, we can link you to a team.

Click here for poster which gives you more details: Quiz-November 2017

For Meeting dates and other Shropshire Disability Network events click here: SDN-Dates-Events-for-2017-Members-October 2017

Sight Loss Opportunity Groups (SLOG’s) Activities for October 2017

All sessions are FREE unless otherwise stated.

Oswestry Group meets on Wednesday 4th October from 10 am to 12 noon at Oswestry Library Arthur Street, Oswestry SY11 1JN

Today Cathy Preston will join us to talking about Herbs as well as bringing items for you to taste.  We will also be joined by Janki Gore, a medical student from Keele University who is interested in hearing about your experiences in dealing with the NHS.


Ludlow Group meets on Monday 9th October at 10.30 am -12.30 pm at St Peters Church, Henley Road, Ludlow SY8 1QZ

Today we will be be enjoying a session with Arthur Ratcliff and his Folk Music, if we have anytime left we may be able to have a game of Boccia.


Shrewsbury Cycling at Sundorne Sports Village, -Wednesday 18th October from 10.30 am to 11.30 am

We will be having our cycling session at Sundorne Sports Village, Sundorne, Shrewsbury SY1 4RQ


Shrewsbury group meets on Monday 23rd October at The Roy Fletcher Centre, 12-17 Cross Hill, Shrewsbury, SY11 JE 2 pm -4 pm

Michael McCarthy and his father Brian, who will be doing a presentation and talk about Michael’s accident and his experiences after. 


If you need any more information on anything above please do contact Susann Mitchell on 01743 342163 or by email


Other updates – Christmas lunches

Please note that we are meeting on slightly different dates to usual this December for the Christmas lunches. Times and venues to be confirmed.  These will be as follows:

  • Oswestry – Wednesday 6th December (NB. This is the first Wednesday, as usual)  I am in talks with Mile End Golf Club and will bring along the menu at our group meeting.
  • Shrewsbury (including cycling group): Monday 11th December (NB. This is the second Monday) I will bring along The Lion Hotel menu for you to look at.
  • Ludlow – Monday 18th December (NB. This is the third Monday) Pea Green Café has been taken over and I am trying to see if they do Christmas Lunches, otherwise I will bring along the menu for the Ludlow Food Centre to see what you all think.

If you need any more information on anything above please do contact Susann Mitchell on 01743 342163 or by email

Round £1 coins cease legal tender 15th October-Please will you help us?

At our March meeting we launched “Give Your Last Old £1 Coin to SDN” by giving out small containers for people to collect the old £1 coins to help our charity. This innovative idea to raise funding really is important and now with just one month left to use those old £1 coins as they cease legal tender on 15th October 2017, it is time we ask for your support again.

While the new 12 sided coins have now been in circulation in large numbers since March this year, it is time for us to start checking our money boxes, our pockets and anywhere else you may keep money.

We have had one or two containers returned but we know there are at least 12 more containers that we gave out still to be returned. We have a meeting on Thursday 21st September at Sundorne Sports Village. Details at this link so this is a good time for you to return your container and/or pick up a new one.

People can also request a container by emailing or calling 07780 852 229  Those who want to help will be helping our small local charity who carry out a large amount of work throughout the county of Shropshire. SDN is run in its entirety by volunteers, we have to fund raise to operate and this is a way you can help with our ongoing work. Ongoing costs include financing this website, paying for venues to hold meetings, public liability insurance including insuring all events, stationery, newsletter, publicity, equipment etc

Thank you to all who are supporting us.

Sainsbury’s at Telford Forge Retail Park to hold Autism Hour

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited have informed all stores that they can hold an Autism Hour on Monday 2nd October, it is purely down to each individual store if they do this.

Sainsbury’s at Telford Forge Retail Park will be holding an Autism Hour between 10 am and 11 am on Monday 2nd October. While lights can not be dimmed, they will have no tannoy announcements and no music. It will be quieter with No roll cages on shop floor to cause noise.

Sandra and Margaret PR Ambassadors at this store have put together a display about Autism. Both Autism West Midlands and Listen Not Label are providing information and we at Shropshire Disability Network are giving our support. Listen not Label (Autism Hub-Telford) will have a presence on the day.

We hope this hour will be a success and this is the start of something bigger, so please support if you can. Thank you.

Big Town Plan-Shrewsbury

Time is running out for you to visit the pop up shop on “Big Town Plan-Shrewsbury. 80 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury to find out more about Big Town Plan-Shrewsbury SY1 1UT. They close on Friday 29th September. These are the remaining times when you can visit:

  • Wednesday 27th September 8 am – 6 pm
  • Thursday  28th September 8 am -6 pm
  • Friday 29th September 8 am- 6 pm

Note: There are steps to access this venue. They have a ramp but you would need to ask someone to inform them that you need to use it.

What happens after the Special popup space at 80 Wyle Cop closes?

In November 2017 the Big Town Plan will be developed further following comments and ideas received, and a prioritised shared action plan will be created.

A website has been created for anyone to read the full outline plan and comment in more detail on the different sections and suggest specific project ideas. We share some links below.

This link introduces you to Big Town Plan

This links gives you further information:

If you would like to added to Big Town Plan mailing list as a way to keep informed you can by clicking here:



Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin’s Suicide Prevention Network have launched a new strategy

Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin’s Suicide Prevention Network have launched a new strategy to help those at risk of considering suicide or self-harm.

The strategy aims to:

  • raise awareness of suicide risk, promote access to support services (including those bereaved by suicide) from a wide range of sources (not just health services).
  • encourage more people to talk about self-harm, suicide and the risk factors associated with suicide in order to destigmatise and encourage people to seek help when they feel it is needed.
  • provide those who have a public facing role to have confidence in signposting people affected by suicidal thoughts to the services that could best help them.

To read more about it click this link:

To read the 31 page strategy click here to download the pdf: Shropshire-and-Telford-and-Wrekin-Suicide-Prevention-Strategy