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People with learning disabilities urged to get their flu vaccination

Over the last few weeks both Radio Shropshire & the local press have shared news encouraging this with learning difficulties to have the flu vaccine.
People with learning disabilities in Shropshire, and Telford and Wrekin, are being encouraged to
get their flu vaccination if they’ve been contacted by their GP.
It is estimated there are 1.2 million people in England that have a learning disability, many of whom also have long term conditions such as respiratory problems. This makes them at risk of complications should they contract flu.
The vaccination is free to anyone that needs it, and is available at local GP surgeries and at some pharmacists.
Find out more about flu vaccination for people with learning difficulties in the full article at Shropshire Newsroom. An easy read leaflet about flu vaccination is available here.

Proposed ban on pavement parking rejected

One of our members has passed to us an article from the Macular Society. We share it here as we have many members who are affected by those who park on pavements. The proposed ban on pavement parking being rejected is disappointing to those with visual impairment as well as people who need to use wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Thank you to the Macular Society for reporting on this. If members have concerns please email & we can look at passing on information & being the “voice” for the people of Shropshire.

A proposed law to ban pavement parking across England and Wales has been rejected by the Government. Transport Minister Mr Goodwill, the MP for Scarborough and Whitby, said the Government could make no decision in favour of implementing a national ban without further evidence. The Macular Society has supported a campaign led by Guide Dogs to get the Bill passed in Parliament. Guide Dogs has been working closely with a number of charities to campaign on the issue.

Pavement parking can result in blind and partially sighted people injuring themselves by walking into a car. It may also force people to walk out into the road, which can mean they are unable to see oncoming traffic. There are concerns some cities and town centres are becoming no-go zones for people who are visually impaired. Conservative MP Simon Hoare’s Pavement Parking (Protection of Vulnerable Pedestrians) Bill suggested making it a civil offence for a person to park their vehicle on the verge or pavement of an urban road. Following the discussion in Parliament Mr Goodwill said talks will be scheduled for the New Year between officials, MPs, charities and interested organisations to assess what needs to be done to keep pavements clear to help the blind and other vulnerable people.

Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation

The first new sports strategy for England in 13 years has just been published.

This new strategy for sport & physical activity moves beyond merely looking at how many people take part. It will consider what people get out of participating & what more can be done to make a physically active life truly transformative. In the future, funding decisions will be made on the basis of the social good that sport & physical activity can deliver, not simply on the number of participants. They are redefining what success looks like in sport by concentrating on five key outcomes:

  • physical wellbeing,
  • mental wellbeing,
  • individual development,
  • social and community development and
  • economic development.

The strategy accepts it’s vital to use “behavioural insights” to support young people to find their own way to an active lifestyle, empower them to make healthier, and to make positive lifestyle choices.

For more information about the strategy, please click on the following link:


Disability talent identification programme in Staffordshire.

There will be a FA England talent day for 12-16 year olds on Friday 11th March 2016 via the disability talent identification programme in Staffordshire.  

The FA Disability Talent Identification Programme (TIP) is the new entry point to the England Disability Talent Pathway– these will be utilised to identify and signpost players to the right environment.  For more information please see attached flyer or contact Bethan at  or 01785 279831

Click here for more details FA england talent day

I’ve taken action, will you? -Learning Disabilities (Mencap)

I’ve taken action, will you? Asks Mencap.

SDN have received information from Alpa  Thakar (Regional Engagement Officer-Central) at Mencap saying they are “worried about benefit cuts for people with a learning disability. You should be too. I’ve joined over a thousand people speaking out about benefits to our MPs and the public.”

You can add your voice to Mencap’s campaign by sharing your story here. Together we can protect benefits for people with a learning disability. 

Mencap ask could you arrange to meet with your MP and tell them what you think about benefits and, if relevant, how the changes in the Bill would affect you.

Click here for Mencap campaign packs that gives you more information on the campaign and suggestions on what you may want to say when meeting your MP.

Click here for Talking Benefits Campaign Talking Benefits Campaign_ Guide_Final_1   &  here for Easy Read Campaigns Pack ER Campaigns Pack on_ Benefits_2


Provisional Paracycling Calendar for 2016

This provisional Paracycling Calendar for 2016 has been produced which includes events in Shrewsbury & other places in the Midlands. 2016 Calendar

A number of events have to be confirmed up but hopefully this list will give you a good idea as to what the final programme is going to look like.

There will be nine counting rounds for each to para classification group in the BC National Para Series  spread over six weekends. This includes three time trials. In addition there are the usual National Championships in Road, Time Trial and Track and three additional Handcycle races that don’t count towards the National Series because of the date they fall on and/or entry criteria

The programme is modelled around two factors –

  • The GB Para Road to Rio.  Note – GB Team staff will have a presence at each of the ‘Double Header’ weekends.
  • The BC Disability Coaching Hubs which now cover much of the country will play a more significant part in the pathway from entry level to competition. Therefore the last two weekends of each month have been allocated to these Hubs and the para competition allocated to the earlier weekends –


Me & You Course Dates for 2016

The Albrighton Trust are pleased to announce the new course dates for the Me & You project which we will be running in 2016 at the Albrighton Moat and Gardens. 

Are you aged 15 to 25? Do you have a learning difficulty, special need or physical disability? Would you like to try something new?

Would you like to get outside in the fresh air? Learn new practical skills in gardening & horticulture, wildlife & conservation, even fishing? Would you like to meet new people? Make new friends? Try things you’ve never done before? 

We are inviting you to take part in a six week course (6 one day sessions) designed to build confidence and self esteem through the teaching of practical outdoor activities. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to learn new skills, take on leadership roles, gain qualifications, socialise with new people, have fun and explore your options for the future (including moving on to Stage 2 of the course) all in the friendly and welcoming environment of the Albrighton Trust Moat and Gardens.

Course dates for 2016 start on the 8th February, April 11th, April 16th, June 6th and July 18th.

Click here for course dates. All stage one sessions are FREE! 025 – Me and You Project Course Dates

To find out more please contact us on: 01902 372441 or email

Healthy Shropshire



Telephone: 0345 678 9025

Address: Longbow House, Longbow Close, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 3GZ

About: Many of us think our lifestyles could be healthier than they currently are. Healthy Shropshire has been designed to help anyone wanting to make a change in their lifestyle and improve their health.

It provides a wealth of information on support available to you in making the changes you want. It covers the key aspects that are most important in leading a healthy lifestyle:

  • Stop Smoking.
  • Eat Healthily.
  • Keeping Physically Active.
  • Drink Sensibly.
  • Feel Positive.

Information covers all ages.Healthy Shropshire includes a Directory which enables you to find local NHS and other services in your area, and provides a search facility.

Healthy Shropshire is provided by the Public Health team of Shropshire Council. For further enquires please contact 0345 678 9025

Find us on Twitter @ShropCouncil