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Kelda writes- Time to put my money where my mouth is!

Next Saturday, the 4thJuly, it’s the selection regatta for the World Championships. We’ve been talking about it for so long, it seems madness that it’s actually here! The reality is that I have to finish in the first 2 boats in my category if I’m to be selected. There’s no excuses, nothing to hide behind….either I’ll be good enough, or I won’t!

I’m determined it’s going to be the former!…..However, I’m well aware that there’s no guarantees! I’ve been training hard and things have been going well. I got a new PB this week, and for the first time ever I’ve actually managed to do pull ups in the gym without an assistance band! Now that’s got to be a good sign!!:-) I’ve been feeling really powerful on the water too, there’s still a lot more to come, which I find a really exciting prospect, but in the meantime the priority is delivering next weekend!

One of my good friends gave me a card this week in which she’d written “You were born to do this”…..and that’s just how I feel! So, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and prove exactly that to myself, my coach, and all the amazing people who have given me so much support.

I’m a little bit scared, but I reckon that’s a good thing, because it proves to me just how much I want this and just how determined I am to make it happen!

If you never take the risk, you’ll never know how far you can go!!





Discounts on Leisure Activities with your Telford Loyalty Card

Telford Loyalty Card (TLC) offers great discounts on a host of your favourite leisure activities ie swimming, skiing, skating, or fitness sessions, there’s a saving to be made offering discounts on fitness sessions and health treatments, you can also use your TLC card at any Council owned leisure facility to get great discounts of 25% and more!

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Activ8 is a new company with fresh ideas, offering a wealth of experience in academy football, after school clubs, children’s parties and school holiday activity clubs.

The team of experienced and qualified coaches offer an extensive knowledge in teaching and working with children of all ages and sporting abilities.

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In Conversation with the Past: A Film Portrait of Clun’s Famous Character – Bill Locke

Start Date:
12th July 2015

End Date:
12th July 2015

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: In Conversation with the Past: A Film Portrait of Clun’s Famous Character – Bill Locke
Venue: Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery,Market Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 1LG
Name: Shropshire Museums
Telephone: 01743 258888
Event description: Bill Lock was born deaf in 1910 into a well-known Romany family who travelled throughout the Borders and Shropshire. The Lock family settled in Clun in the 1950s and Bill became an important part of the community.

To discover Bill’s world, disabled artist Nicola Lane interviewed some of the many people who remember him – including 92 year old Clunton farmer Harry Collins who employed Bill and knew him well. Memories of Bill are still strong; but as Mr Collins says, it will be ‘all gone’ after his generation have passed. Nicola’s film aims to celebrate Bill’s long life and the vanished world in which he lived and worked. Film maker, Nicola Lane, was awarded the commission to create the film, as part of a joint commission in partnership with DASH and Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, as part of the IN (Disability Arts IN the Mainstream) project, funded by Arts Council England.

Admission is free but tickets should be obtained in advance from the Visitor Information Centre at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery. Tel: 01743 258888 

Did you take part in Learning Disabilities week?

One of Mencap’s biggest ambitions is to change public attitudes towards learning disability. Mencap know they cannot do that without first understanding what people really know and do not know about learning disability. Learning Disability (LD) Week (14th-21st June) represented a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of what people know about learning disability.
They have devised a survey tool to explore people’s current level of awareness or knowledge of learning disability.
The survey should be filled in by people without a learning disability who took part in activities during the LD Week, and who are 16 years of age or older. 
The survey can  be completed electronically, the link being
Click here for a  paper version of the survey which can be printed off and completed by hand. 
The guidelines within the survey attached gives you more information.  The survey itself is from pages 3-6. 
Please send completed surveys to:
C/O Rachel West
Suite 2,
Bromwich Road,
Worcester WR2 4BN 

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Start Date:
8th July 2015

End Date:
8th July 2015

Start Time:
10.00 am

End Time:
1 pm

Event title: Managing Stress & Anxiety
Venue: Central Baptist Church, Claremont Street Shrewsbury SY1 1QG
Name: Carers Support Service
Telephone: 01743 341995
Event description: The Carers Support Service invites you to join us for an informal session “Managing Stress & Anxiety”

We will look at:

  • Ways to help improve well being
  • The causes and effects of stress
  • Recognising triggers and negative thinking
  • Managing anger and frustration
  • Improving sleep
  • Simple ways to relax

We can help with transport and parking costs if needed. Let us know if you need help arranging respite care to be able to attend but please discuss this on booking. Book by calling 01743 341995 or emailing

2 Free events for people who wear NHS hearing aids

Start Date:
7th July 2015

End Date:
13th July 2015

Start Time:
10.00 am

End Time:
4 pm

Event title: 2 Free events for people who wear NHS hearing aid
Venue: See Content for details
Name: Rachel Whitney
Telephone: 01743 342168
Event description: The Effective Hearing Programme, run by Shropshire RCC in conjunction with NHS Audiology, is a one-day course. Your opportunities are at:

  • Mayfair Community Centre from 10am – 4pm  on 7th July 2015
  • Whitchurch from 10am – 4pm on 13th July 2015

This event is open to anyone in the area who wears an NHS hearing aid. Useful tips, resources, encouragement, support and practical help will be shared and hearing aid users are also encouraged to bring a family member or friend with them as the course also covers communicating well with others. Refreshments are provided, although guests are asked to bring their own lunch.

A recent attendee commented: “[My] Hubby and I have had hearing aids for almost 20 years and yet today, we learned so much about aids and hearing loss and how to deal with different situations, it was unbelievable. The team were so friendly, down to earth, approachable, etc – they were fantastic. “

Later this year the course is also available in Telford, Shrewsbury, Wellington, Ludlow and Newport. Places must be pre-booked so please contact Shropshire RCC on 01743 342168 or email for more information or to register for a place.

Kelda writes- World Championships are just weeks away!

What a difference a week can make! I started the week with a completely different attitude…and boy did it show! It was like looking at everything through a different set of eyes, and it proved to work much better for me! It just shows…how you choose to approach things can have a huge impact on your performance.

I’ve worked really hard, but I’ve got my head down and tried to chill out about the fact that the selections for the World Championships are 3 weeks away! The one thing I’ve learnt is that I can’t control the eventual outcome of those selections, but what I can do is train hard, prepare, eat well and sleep well. If I do all of that, then I’ve given myself the best chance of delivering the best performance I possibly can on the 4th July-the outcome will then have to take care of itself!

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to be giving it everything! Over the next 3 weeks I plan to focus solely on training, other things will just have to wait. I feel a little bit guilty saying that, but sometimes you just have to prioritise.

Someone once said to me to imagine that I’m in a boat paddling down the Nile. A pack of crocodiles start to attack the boat….if you try and fight off all the crocs at the same time, they’ll overpower you and you’ll get eaten. But, if you fight off the croc nearest to your boat first, you stand a much better chance of making it to the other side!

I know exactly which crocodile I’m going to be focusing on up to the 4thJuly!

SDN’s message to Kelda is “We are all behind you Kelda, go Kelda, you can do it, we know you can & all our membership is behind you.”






SDN’s strides towards there next disability challenge

Remember the Geoff Forgie Memorial Disability Challenge of 2012, teams carrying someone who uses a wheelchair or would find it difficult to access the Long Mynd due to a disability or long term condition.
Our pioneers had a wonderful time, putting their trust in teams to carry them, accessing a beautiful area of Shropshire-feeling the breeze on their face- As one person said “it was so peaceful to be up there, sun shining, I loved every minute, what an experience”

Did you experience the blistered hands a result of being a carrier? One of our pioneers-Alan saw the issues with the borrowed frames & gave himself a challenge to design a bespoke wheelchair frame that can be fitted to different types of wheelchairs & a lighter but still robust frame. Having designed it & a long search to get the design drawings signed off by qualified drawings engineers the next search was on to find a company willing to make the frame. It took months of appeals on radio, local press, social media and other sources to find a company who was willing to help. 

Local firm Price Fallows of Shrewsbury who do engineering work around agricultural products (trailers, combines etc) as well as work relating to barges were only too willing to help Alan & us. SDN Management Committee agreed to commission one frame. 

Yesterday a big milestone was reached when the frame which has been put through rigorous strength tests by Price Fallows, was handed over to SDN. Radio Shropshire were so helpful in reporting live at the handover.

So another step taken, what happens next? SDN will be putting it through more tests & then we will be looking for companies to sponsor our frame at a cost of £400 each. We hope to hold our next challenge is 2016 & already we have signed up our first team as Price Fallows have offered to put a team in.


Shropshire Disability Network walks away with gold!

Each year designed as part of the annual civic calendar of the Shrewsbury Town Council, the Mayor of Shrewsbury has an Award Scheme which recognises not only the major players in shaping Shrewsbury, but also those unsung heroes who go about their lives, helping others and don’t seek any form of recompense or acknowledgement. 

mayor 2

Awards are presented to organisations and groups, businesses and individuals whose achievements have contributed to making Shrewsbury the place that we all enjoy living in, working in, shopping in and visiting. 

There are various categories with outright winners in each together with Bronze, Silver & Gold awards. SDN were delighted to receive a gold award from Cllr Beverley Baker who was Mayor of Shrewsbury 2014/15 It was awarded to SDN in recognition of our achievements towards enhancing the social wellbeing of the area. 

Click here to read a full report