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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Support Group

Start Date:
15th February 2015

End Date:
15th February 2015

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Support Group
Venue: Old Hall Restaurant Main Road Dorrington Shropshire SY5 7JD
Name: JoJo Meadows
Telephone: 07779 973 052
Event description: Local support group for those with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or Hypermobility syndrome.

Dr A. Farmer and Dr A Kasai will be speaking at this event which is run by EDS UK’s area coordinator JoJo Meadows.

EDS is a genetic connective tissue condition that is a multi-systemic syndrome.  Connective tissue covers over 95% of your body so there is little that escapes the symptoms. 

EDS UK was set up in 1987 to support, advise and inform those living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and help them live a full, active and positive life.   We are the only UK based charity that exclusively represents and supports people with any of the types of EDS.  This is regardless of their position on the EDS spectrum.

The Big Busk

Start Date:
4th April 2015

End Date:
5th April 2015

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: The Big Busk
Venue: Throughout Shrewsbury Town Centre, Shropshire
Name: The Big Busk Team
Telephone: 07853 248 810
Event description: Shrewsbury town centre will be filled with music throughout the day, performed by a wide range of musical talent. Locations include the Darwin and Pride Hill shopping centres, The Market Hall, The Square and more. The Big Busk is a charity event in aid of the Shrewsbury Ark.

A Week without tears…well nearly!

I got all excited when I came to write this thinking I’d actually managed a week without crying….but I’d forgotten about Monday!

Monday was actually my birthday, but of course that doesn’t mean we stop training, and I had my usual 4am start to get to Nottingham. However, the traffic obviously didn’t appreciate it was my birthday, and I had the most horrendous journey missing the session with my group. This meant I had to join in with the second group which includes some of the strongest paddlers in the squad. This meant I was left behind after every effort….making me feel like I was just going very slow! Of course, being the perfectionist I am, this really frustrated me, so I came off the water feeling grumpy, frustrated….and a pretty useless paddler. Now normally I would’ve just thought logically about this and realised the guys I was paddling about were all men who were much more experienced than me….but not today!

Because I was late I then ran out of time to catch up on emails, but did quickly flick though to see there was a whole load of forms that needed filling out for my athlete funding….which included details which I’d left at home…the stress continued to rise! Before I knew it we were back on the water for our first “starts” session since before Christmas. My first few starts were pathetic to say the least…the tears nearly came then! Thankfully the session picked up.

After spending the next couple of hours form filling, it was time for food and bed. I decided that it had been a bad enough day, and seeing as it was my birthday, I’d treat myself to a Chinese (not the behaviour of a dedicated athlete I know!)

The Chinese was shut!

So I spent my birthday sat in my camping pod eating a packet of Revels (again not the behaviour of a dedicated athlete!) watching a DVD on my laptop. I reckon I was allowed a few tears!

Apart from that, it’s been a challenging but good week. I’ve struggled to keep all the balls in the air, what with training, the Climbing Out Charity Evening and a lot of the organising for this year’s Climbing Out programmes needing sorting out now….but it’s all part of the learning curve and it’s something I’m going to have to get better at managing.

I’ve had good days and bad days on the water….and I feel like I’ve really pushed things in the gym. I’m still struggling to get my weights up any further, and after hitting a wall while doing what seemed like a hundred reps of bench press, Luke our strength and conditioning coach told me I couldn’t rack the weight and sometimes it was good to get into a hole that you felt like you couldn’t get out of. I eventually managed to get the bar up (after much grimacing and some very unladylike language) but I haven’t been able to feel my arms since then! Again, all part of the learning curve I guess!

I’ve got a light week next week as I’m working at Battle Back. It’ll be a challenge for me to back of training, but hopefully it’ll mean I’ll be back at Nottingham a week on Monday feeling fresh and strong….and ready to smash that bench press!!!

I’m fascinated by the sports psychology side of things

 I feel like there’s been some pretty massive steps forward this week. We still haven’t managed to get on the water much because of the weather conditions, but when we did, I could feel some huge improvements! The training programme has been pretty punishing…..there wasn’t a muscle in my body that wasn’t hurting by the end of the week! The focus has now moved from strength and power to speed, so we’re doing some pretty harsh lactic sessions….but this is what I love about the sport – you work hard and the gains start to happen!:-)

It’s been such a great week of learning’s. The ergo sessions are really helping me with my technique. Firstly I can sit in front of a mirror and see first hand what I’m doing, secondly Matt, my coach, can really break down each part of the stroke and work on the finer points, and thirdly, I can try things out without having to worry about falling in! We’ve been really working on getting me to relax my shoulders (something that I haven’t done for the last 40 years!), and the impact on my paddling has been exciting. My focus now has got to be on maintaining this technique but applying more power and pace…it sounds so straight forward when I put it like that!

I also had my first proper session with the team psychologist this week too. I’m fascinated by the sports psychology side of things and it will be really interesting to see the impact it has on my performance.

I’m lifting more weight in the gym, the technique is improving on the water…and I can’t wait until we start racing again and I can hopefully see some big improvements in my times. Roll on April!

The challenge this week has been balancing training around Climbing Out. As we start to approach the spring, things start getting pretty hectic. We’ve 5 programmes planned this year, 2 weekends and several fund raising events, the first of which is our “Evening with Climbing Out” on March 14th. Trying to focus on training and still organise everything that needs doing has resulted in a bit of brain fry this week:-( The answer…..well the honest truth is, I don’t know! Both things are so important to me and I don’t want to let myself, or anyone else down, but there are only 24hrs in the day! I think we’ll call this challenge work in progress!

Registered Charity 1145023

01743 892961

07977 574785


Living with Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration, a personal journey.

November last year SDN Management Committee Member started a blog on living with Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (Wet AMD) now Ian shares more with us on his personal journey. 

What causes AMD ? 

The causes are basically a combination of genetic reasons, environment and age.

Particular risk factors are- getting older

                                   – gender

                                   – family history of AMD

                                   – smoking

                                   – sunlight

                                   – poor diet

                                   – high blood pressure

                                   – being overweight

Looking at these risk factors in my own case, the situation is like this – 

Getting older

I am actually quite young to get AMD (if anybody says they find it hard to believe I am too young for anything, there will be trouble:-) Broadly speaking, AMD generally occurs in people over the age of 65, although it can develop in people who are in their 40s and 50s- as it did with me. 


More women have AMD than men, but that may be because women tend to live longer than men. 

Family history of AMD

As far as I know, there isn’t any in my case. Some genes have been identified that may link to the development of AMD in some people. This has been discovered by looking at families with more than one member who has AMD, but it is thought that not all AMD is inherited. 


I haven’t smoked for many, many years and when I did smoke, it was only ever a few cigarettes a day. Smoking greatly increases the risk of developing AMD.

Studies show that stopping smoking can reduce the risk of developing AMD. 


Some studies suggest that exposure to high levels of sunlight (particularly the UV light contained in sunlight) throughout your life may increase the risk of developing AMD. As yet, there is no proof of this. Wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV light in sunlight is a good idea for everyone throughout their life. 

Poor diet

Depends on what you class as a poor diet, but that could be a whole new topic for a blog! My own opinion on the five a day situation is that nobody ever proved that five portions of fruit and vegetables a day was the optimum number.

I understand that current opinion is that five isn’t enough anyway- seven is it now?

Having said that, I don’t eat a balanced diet and that is something I should indeed address I must admit- not enough fresh fruit and vegetables (whatever the number of portions!), too much red meat etc.

A number of studies have looked at diet as a risk factor for someone developing AMD., but presently there is no agreement on how much of a risk factor diet is.

There is some evidence that vitamins A, C E and zinc may help to slow the progress of AMD in people who already have the condition. 

High blood pressure

Yes- that’s me!

Am on a variety of tablets for this. On occasions, my blood pressure has been sky high and (whatever the first figure is for) it once topped 200!)It is more or less within normal limits now, although it has always been a bit on the high side of normal for me. 

Being overweight   

Ok I will cough to this one- even I must admit that I am not exactly Twiggy size!

Summer Sports Festival for Students in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin

Start Date:
30th June 2015

End Date:
1st July 2015

Start Time:
School Times

End Time:
School Times

Event title: Summer Sports Festival for Students in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin
Venue: Contact for details
Name: Energize Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin
Telephone: 01743 453 495
Event description: The Summer 2015 ‘Shropshire Homes School Sport Festival, as part of the Sainsbury’s School Games’ will again provide a grand finale to the 2014/15 School Games programme in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. By the end of the two days 22 events will have taken place, including opportunities for young people with a disability. To find out more about Sainbury’s School Games click here  Will there be a new winner in 2015 as East Shropshire claimed both the primary & secondary schools honours in 2014!

Primary Competition Day will be Wednesday 1st July 2015

Secondary Competition Day will be Tuesday 30th June 2015

There will be a Workforce Training Day: Saturday 6th June 2015

Here is a list of events that will take place:

  • KS2 Summer
  • KS2 Arrows Archery
  • KS2 Cycling
  • KS2 Dodgeball
  • Y3/4 Mini Tennis
  • KS2 New Age Kurling
  • Y5/6 Orienteering
  • Y5/6 Rounders
  • KS2 Small School Rounders
  • KS2 Tri-Golf
  • KS2 Sportsability: Games Carousel: NAK/Indoor Canoeing/Goalball/Mini-Red Inclusive Tennis
  • KS2/3 MLD/SLD: Athletics Activities


  • KS3/4 Summer
  • KS3/4 Archery
  • Y7/8 Cricket (Girls)
  • KS3/4 Cycling
  • KS3 Dodgeball (Girls)
  • KS3/4 Golf (super sixes)
  • Y7/8 Orienteering
  • Y9 Rounders (Girls)
  • Y7 Short Tennis (Boys)
  • Y9 Softball (Boys)
  • KS3 Sportsability: Inclusive Softball
  • KS3 EBD Event: Kwik Cricket

These days will be packed with sport and we expect both days to be highly competitive & very enjoyable.

Winter Sports Festival for Students in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin

Start Date:
3rd March 2015

End Date:
4th March 2015

Start Time:
School Times

End Time:
School Times

Event title: Winter Sports Festival for Students in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin
Venue: Contact for details
Name: Energize Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin
Telephone: 01743 453 495
Event description: In March 2015, students from across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin will again have the opportunity to participate in the winter ‘Shropshire Homes School Sport Festival, as part of Sainsbury’s School Games’. The Sainsbury’s School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport. To find out more click here

This festival is a culmination of the autumn term level two qualifying events, with schools competing from each of the six different School Games areas. 

We hope to have 2 days of highly  competitive sport!

The Primary School Competition Day is Tuesday 3 rd March 2015

The Secondary School Competition Day is Wednesday 4 th March 2015

There will be a Workforce Training Day: Saturday 7 th February 2015

This is a list of Events that will take place

  • KS2 Winter
  • Y5/6 Basketball
  • KS2 Cross Country
  • Y3/4 Gymnastics
  • Y5/6 Netball
  • KS2 Quick Sticks Hockey
  • KS2 Small Schools Tag Rugby
  • KS2 Sportshall Athletics
  • KS2 Tag Rugby
  • KS2 Sportsability: Games Carousel:Boccia / Arrows Archery / Adapted Basketball / Badminton
  • KS2/3 MLD/SLD: Sportshall Athletics


  • KS3/4 Winter
  • Y7/8 Basketball (Boys)
  • Y7,8,9 Cross Country
  • KS3 Dodgeball (Boys)
  • KS4 Dodgeball (Boys)
  • KS3 Hockey (Boys)
  • Y9 Indoor Rowing
  • Y7 Netball
  • Y8 Netball
  • Y8/9 Rugby (Girls)
  • Y7/8 Sportshall Athletics
  • Y10/11 Volleyball (Mixed)
  • KS3 Sportsability: Sportshall Athletics
  • KS3 EBD Event: Sportshall Athletics

Sport Oswestry-Go along & see what is in it for you?

Start Date:
27th January 2015

End Date:
27th January 2015

Start Time:
5.30 pm

End Time:
6.30 pm

Event title: Sport Oswestry-Go along and see what is in it for you?
Venue: The Marches School, Morda Road, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 2AY
Name: Joe Lockley
Telephone: 01743 453 495
Event description: Staff at The Marches School in Oswestry have been working with key sports people in Oswestry to launch an exciting new initiative. The first ‘Sport Oswestry’ meeting will takes place today.

Following an exploratory meeting last September, the school has developed a close working partnership with Joe Lockley of Energize and Clive Knight of the Community Games, to form a group that comes together once every quarter, to discuss sports facilities, advertising, increasing participation and ways in which clubs and organisations can secure funding opportunities.

Joanne White, Community Partnerships Coordinator at The Marches School, commented in a recent press release, “Sport Oswestry will aim, as a group, to assist local clubs to promote themselves, whilst bringing together resources to provide top quality facilities at the school for students, hirers and sports clubs as a whole community project. This is an exciting venture and we are delighted to be driving this initiative forward with the support of Energize and the Community Games”.

SDN brings you information on Oswestry Games which is inclusive of all people with disabilities. If you live in the Oswestry area, have an interest in sport, why not go along and see what is happening that may be of interest to fellow members.

Wellbeing Day-Book your place now!

Start Date:
11th March 2015

End Date:
11th March 2015

Start Time:
10.00 am

End Time:
3 pm

Event title: Wellbeing Day-Book your place now!
Venue: Lindale Court. Copthorne Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 8NU
Name: Sharon Wakeling
Telephone: 01743 369316
Event description: This is a Community project run by Wrekin Retirement,British Red Cross & Shropshire CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group)

What is on offer:

  • Sue Palin: Benefit Advice, Wrekin Housing Trust
  • Becky: home support/care service, Caring Angels
  • Laura: Mytton Oak Surgery, Wellbeing and Health
  • Tom: Home Insurance, Wrekin Housing Trust
  • Age Uk: Wills and Power of Attorney
  • Sharon Wakeling: Lindale Court overview Wrekin Retirement Living


• 10.30 am refreshments and introductions.
• 11 am Talk from each Professional.
• 12.30 pm Lunch from Chinny’s fish and chip van.
• 1.30 pm Refreshments & opportunity to chat to speakers.
• 3pm Finish.

Please call Sharon Wakeling at Lindale Court for more information and booking,  places are limited so please check availability by calling 01743 369316.

This is a pilot project which we hope to run quarterly with different services in the local area, supporting people of 55 and over maintain independent lives using local resources.

Tinnitus Coffee Morning & Tinnitus Group Meeting

Start Date:
4th February 2015

End Date:
5th February 2015

Start Time:
10.00 am & 6 pm

End Time:
12 noon & 8 pm

Event title: Tinnitus Coffee Morning & Tinnitus Group Meeting
Venue: See Content for venues
Name: Paul Coope
Telephone: 01743 360478
Event description: As part of Tinnitus Awareness Week Signal hub has arranged two events:

4th February 10 am to 12 noon we are holding a Coffee Morning at Signal Hub, 20-22 Riverside Mall, Shrewsbury SY1 1PJ. You are welcome to come along & join us.
Not been to the hub before, then please come along and see what we have to offer.

5th February 6 pm to 8 pm we have a Tinnitus Group Meeting at “Stop Cafe” Saint Julian’s Friars, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Please come along and find out more about Tinnitus & the work we do.