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Walking Basketball (tackle your health)

Tackle Your Health is running a new activity for adults in Telford: Walking Basketball!

Download the poster by clicking here: Walking Basketball poster – 2015 -1

You can see a YouTube video about it here: 

 Contact details for further information:

Sid Harris

Health Trainer

Leisure Services and Culture

1st floor lower Tier

Wellington Civic Offices

Larkin Way

Off Tan Bank





Tel: 01952 382620

Mobile: 07896420362






Kelda writes I’ve only done 2 light paddles….


I’ve just really got one thing to say this week (for once!) and that’s just that it is sooooo good to be back on the water!!

I’ve only done 2 light paddles but hey, it’s a start! And the good news is that nothing flared up from my injury, so I get to do 4 paddles next week! One step at a time ‘n’ all that!:-)

It’s been a tough week for some of the other guys on the squad though. The classifier has been going through all the new classification system, and it’s going to have a big impact on some people….. good for some, and not so good for others.

I often say life is very like a sat nav….you put in your destination and plan your route, but things happen along the way that mean you get held up, sometimes you have to take an alternative route, and sometimes you have to change direction all together.

I guess the skill is taking control of what you can and making sure the place you end up is still a place you want to be.


shropshire together

Pharmaceutical needs assessment (PNA)

Start Date:
13th February 2015

End Date:
15th April 2015

Start Time:

End Time:

Shropshire Health and Wellbeing Board are undertaking a formal consultation on the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) and would like your feedback on the draft assessment.

Click here to read the draft  Pharmaceutical needs assessment – draft.pdf 

The PNA is a statutory requirement of Local Authority Health and Wellbeing Boards. 

This information is important as it is needed by  NHS England to decide whether there is a need for new pharmacies in the area.

All enquiries, comments and feedback on the content proposed in the draft PNA should be sent by email

 For more information, contact us via or call 01743 253937.

Shropshire Council 250-253

Local Support & Prevention Fund

Start Date:
12th March 2015

End Date:
23rd April 2015

Start Time:

End Time:

This consultation by Shropshire Council seeks your views on the Local Support and Prevention Fund (LSPF) Policy which details the proposed governance of how awards under this scheme will be administered for Shropshire residents.

The Government abolished the Social Fund, previously administered by the Department for Works and Pensions, from April 2013.  Shropshire Council received funding in order to be able to offer a Local Welfare Provision to replace the financial assistance previously available through Crisis Loans and Community Care Grants. Now they have to decide who may be eligible for financial assistance through Local Welfare Provision and under what circumstances an award will be made.

This Consultation is open to everyone to get involved & covers these topics -Budgets, Benefits and Welfare. To read the final draft policy click on this link then to take part in the short on-line survey click on the tab “How to get involved”

Shropshire Council 250-253

Discretionary housing payments

Start Date:
12th March 2015

End Date:
23rd April 2015

Start Time:

End Time:

This consultation seeks your views on the Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP’s) Policy which details the proposed governance of how such awards will be administered for Shropshire residents.

The purpose of this Consultation, which is open to everyone is to seek the views of our residents, landlords and advice agencies on the proposed policy during a period of public consultation and once agreed, the policy will be used to determine the amount of financial help available.

Click here to find out more & to get involved:

Shropshire Council 250-253

Get Involved-Claremont Street Shrewsbury-experimental taxi rank

Start Date:
15th February 2015

End Date:
12th August 2015

Start Time:

End Time:

On 11th February 2015 Shropshire Council made an experimental traffic order to bring into force parking restrictions in Claremont Street, Shrewsbury the following parking restrictions:

  • No Waiting At Any Time – Except Taxis Claremont Street (south side) Between points 10 metres and 26 metres west of its junction with Mardol and
  • Disabled Badge Holder Only -Claremont Street (south side) Between points 40 metres and 52 metres west of its junction with Mardol.

Shropshire Council are considering providing an all-day taxi rank for Hackney Carriages close to the main shopping and commercial facilities in Shrewsbury town centre on Claremont Street. 

This will be of interest to anyone who uses, have family & or carers that use the Disabled Parking Bays. Click here to read more & find out how to get involved:


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Severnside Learning Programme Launch 2015/2016

Start Date:
20th March 2015

End Date:
20th March 2015

Start Time:
11 am

End Time:
3 pm

Event title: Severnside Learning Programme Launch 2015/2016
Venue: Central Baptist Church, Claremont Street Shrewsbury SY1 1QG
Name: Severnside Housing
Telephone: 0300 3000 0059
Event description: Severnside would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone to the official launch of their 2015/16 Severnside Learning Programme.

This is an ideal opportunity to see what new & exciting courses we have on offer & a chance to find out more. Sign up for a course today to be in with a chance to win a £20 voucher!
No matter what your age or ability everyone is welcome.

Our courses, which are split into six themes, are FREE to all Severnside residents and we can help with transport and childcare costs if necessary. We only charge a small fee of £2.50 to non-residents (unless otherwise stated).

We are open from 11 am & the official welcome will take place at 12.30 pm.

We will have refreshments available & the usual cake or two, so please feel free to drop in & see us.
For more information please call 0300 300 0059

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Volunteer! What’s in it for Us? What’s in it for You!

 Volunteer! What’s in it for Us? What’s in it for You!

Many organisations rely on volunteers to operate & more are looking to having volunteers work along side employees. From 27th May 2008 when SDN started our organisation has been run on volunteers & that is no different today. We are very pleased to be a growing organisation, we are reaching more people, responding to more inquiries & our signposting work is increasing. As we grow so we need new people on “board” to share & help others.

May be you have thought about volunteering but never taken that step to do it. May be you have thought well just an hour a week does not sound much, but that hour would make all the difference to us. So what could that hour be:

  • Completing events forms that can be uploaded by someone else to our website.

  • Checking some details on our A-Z listing of useful organisations.

  • Helping to Organise an event.

  • You may have a gift or skill you want to offer us to see if we can use.

May be an hour a week is too much & you would prefer occasional volunteering so would like to be included on a list of volunteers that we can approach ie

  • Helping to man a stand at one of the days when we raise awareness of SDN

  • Helping at one of our Collections days at Shrewsbury, Oswestry, or Telford

  • Proof reading “YourVoice”- the more we have in the team, the better it is for all who help us as we are not struggling when one of us is unwell or people are on holiday etc

  • You may be very knowledgeable with regard to a type of disability or long term condition or have a story that you would like to share with others but need guidance on how to do it. We can help you write that blog.

  • You may like to read articles on to YouTube enabling us to reach those with visual impairment as well as the non reader.

May be you have more time to offer & would like to get involved in the Management side of SDN, if so we would like to hear from you. All roles need deputies but also we feel that Junior roles are also important so that younger people can engage plans & SDN plans ahead. We need Outreach Officers in Oswestry, Bridgnorth, Ludlow and Church Stretton. There are many opportunities with us for you.

We need our members to become more involved in SDN as we are a “membership” organisation that must have a “board” with a majority of people with disabilities, long term conditions or carers. So if you have a little time why not try volunteering for us as not only would you find it can be very rewarding but by doing so you are helping your fellow members.

So why volunteer?

  • You share your skills & by doing so help others & your organisation.

  • It can be rewarding as you meet other people, may be make new friends, learn more about us, connect with members but also gain a sense of achievement.

  • It can help with loneliness & depression.

  • It can increase your confidence & self esteem.

  • You may learn a new skill or develop those you have.

  • It is good for your health & well being, giving you a sense of achievement.

  • It could enable you to get paid employment and you would have a very reputable organisation to put down as a referee on applications.

We have many volunteering opportunities for you, and may be you have a new idea to offer to us, so if you want to give something back, please tell us. One lady said “Since I have helped at your awareness days it has got me out of the house for a few hours, I felt isolated but I now look forward to it as we always have a laugh & I go home feeling better, that I have helped SDN and others”

As one of our twitter messages says “Value your volunteers, we do”

So why not give give it a go, you may be surprised how rewarding it can be call 07780 852 229 or email or email or use the contact form on this website.

Ruby Hartshorn

Deputy Chairperson