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UK Sports publishes warning on Funding re Olympics & Paralympics

UK Sport publishes warning of not only reducing funding but cutting funding for Olympic and Paralympic Sports for Tokyo 2020!


We have an interesting topic of discussion for the SDN members, supporters & followers. Some of you might be aware that UK Sport has published information relating to the reduction and cutting funding completely for various Olympic and Paralympic Sports for Tokyo 2020.

What does this mean? Athletes and the governing bodies for that sport that are unfortunately reliant on this funding could cease to exist.

Will it affect the number of participants? This will possibly mean a reduction in the number of people taking part in these particular sports which include: Archery, Weightlifting and Wheelchair Rugby which are all represented at the Paralympics.

Concerns: The growth of these sports following both the London 2012 games, and more recently the Rio 2016 games has been fantastic from a grass roots level through the pathway to athletes representing their country. We do fear for sports like Wheelchair Rugby that rely heavily on funding for facilities, equipment and for those many individuals that gain the benefits of engaging with a team orientated sport.

The article that has been published by UK Sport can be seen here:

If you would like to add any comments to this article or feed back information to SDN by sending your comment using our on-line form here or calling or texting a message to our mobile number 07780 852 229. We will collate responses to feed back to UK Sport.

To find out where your local clubs are to take part in activities visit here:






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Holiday Survey by Omega

Start Date:
1st January 2017

End Date:
1st March 2017

Start Time:

End Time:

Omega a registered charity have a holiday survey and would be pleased if you would give them your opinion ie Have you had a holiday in the past 2 years? Do you think a short break would help you? etc

Omega work with family care-givers, people nearing the end of life, the bereaved, socially isolated individuals, the frail and the elderly. 

Note no information in this survey will be given to third parties without your permission.

To take part in the survey click on the link below:


Disabled Access Day 2

Disabled Access Day 10th-12th March 2017

Disabled Access Day 2017 is in March this year instead of January & by popular demand it has been extended from a one day event to 3 days! It starts on Friday 10th March & ends on Sunday 12th March, enabling more people to get involved and more places to be visited.

What is Disabled Access Day? 

In 2015 Disabled Access Day began as a day to celebrate good access and created opportunities for people to try something new. The day was about highlighting the fantastic access that already exists in places, such as touch tours, relaxed performances, sensory experiences, level access and of course a warm welcome!

Where is Disabled Access Day?

Anywhere and everywhere! This year the majority of events took place across the UK, but there were also events across Europe and future afield. No matter where people are, anyone can get involved. Search our events and see what’s happening in your area!

You can find out more by clicking this link:

Shropshire Disability Network -What are we doing? We have registered with Disabled Access Day and will be bringing you more information as the days get nearer.

How can you help us & help others? Tell us in the comment box below what places you intend visiting during the weekend or if you are an organisation tell us what you are doing & if you are a Cafe, Hotel, Shop etc let us know how you intend engaging in Disabled Access Day.  You can also contact us via this link or email [email protected]

british cycling

Paracycling in 2017

Members may have an interest in watching or having a go at Paracycling .  There are a number of opportunities in the UK this year but unfortunately the list shows no events in the county of Shropshire however there are some in bordering counties!

Paul West from British Cycling has sent us a list of all opportunities. If you would like more information please contact Paul West by email at  [email protected] or by calling 0161 264 2021

Click here for details: Forthcoming Events 06012017


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Are you a Carer? Would Concessions on Public Transport help you?

Start Date:
1st January 2017

End Date:
31st March 2017

Start Time:

End Time:

Are you a Carer or do you know someone who is? Would concessionary travel make a difference to you? Read on to find out about a petition.

Amanda the lady who contacted Shropshire Disability Network said  ” Many carers face huge financial difficulty and are unable to have much of a social life of their own as they cannot afford to get around by public transport. It could be the simple task of getting to the shops, collecting medication from the chemist, socialising with friends or doing many other caring duties that carers face on a daily basis.

The cost of travel may not seem a lot of money to many but £4.00 per adult a day adds up to £28.00 a week and most carers just do not have this sort of money and of course weekly or even monthly tickets just simply aren’t an option. Having concessionary travel or even a discount on travel would be such a huge help to carers across the country who already do so much for others…. “

Amanda continued “Not all caring is bad. I have never regretted caring for my mum despite the hardships and barriers that I faced because of it, simply because she is my mum and I love her. Carers do this on a daily basis because they care…  This is why I feel so strongly about breaking down these barriers to caring such as transport. In effort to break down these barriers I have started a petition campaigning for free/concessionary transport for unpaid carers please follow the link below to check out my campaign”

To go to the petition which is UK wide, click here:

age uk

Age UK issues warning as freezing conditions grip the UK.

SDN brings this Press Release to you from Age UK.

“With temperatures set to fall over the next few days and freezing conditions forecast across the country towards the end of the week, Age UK is urging older people to wrap up warm and take sensible precautions to keep themselves safe & well.

Research shows that exposure to the cold have a devastating impact on the health of older people, who are particularly vulnerable to the impact of low temperatures. As people get older it takes longer to warm up which can be bad for people’s health. The cold can increase blood pressure and breathing in cold air can increase the risk of chest infections.

That’s why Age UK has produced its Winter Wrapped Up guide which offers practical advice to help older people stay warm and well in winter. The guide includes information on cold weather preparations, tips on staying healthy, ways to improve energy efficiency and advice on how to keep warm both inside and outside the home. There’s also a section about the benefits and concessions older people may be entitled to and in the middle of the printed version there’s a handy pull-out and keep room thermometer. Anyone – whether an older person, carer, friend, neighbour or relative – can pick up a free guide by calling Age UK Advice on 0800 169 6565, downloading it from the Charity’s website or by contacting their local Age UK.


  • 64°F (18°C) is the ideal temperature for your bedroom and 70°F (21°C) is the ideal temperature for your living room. Check your thermostat or use a room thermometer to monitor temperature.
  • Keep your bedroom window shut at night. Breathing in cold air can increase the risk of chest infections.
  • Stay active and when you are indoors try not to sit still for more than an hour, if you can get up. Walk around or make a hot drink.
  • Eat well. It’s important to eat well, especially in the winter. Have at least one hot meal a day and have regular hot drinks, as they help to keep you warm. Also stock up on basic food items in case of a cold snap and you can’t get out.

Caroline Abrahams. Charity Director at Age UK said: “The cold weather can be really challenging for older people, particularly those who are more vulnerable because of pre-existing health conditions or who are living in housing that is difficult and expensive to heat. It can also be an especially lonely time, if older people feel it is too cold to go out and about.

“With the weather set to take a turn for the worse, we are urging people to check our advice to make sure they are doing everything they can to protect themselves against the cold weather.

“We’d also urge people to keep an eye on their older family members, friends or neighbours when the weather is particularly bad. Picking up some shopping for them or just popping in to check they’re OK and having a friendly chat can be a real help at this time of year.”

Jan17 Hot topic poster (carer web)

Healthwatch Shropshire asks “What are your experiences of home care services in Shropshire?

Start Date:
1st January 2017

End Date:
28th February 2017

Start Time:

End Time:

Healthwatch Shropshire are starting off the New Year with hot topic that will interest many of our members! Domiciliary Care.

What are your experiences of home care services in Shropshire? Jane Randell-Smith CEO of Healthwatch Shropshire said”  The number of people, especially older individuals, being helped and supported to live independently is increasing & in Shropshire projections suggest that just over a third of county residents will be 65 or over by 2033. We are looking at domiciliary care services. We want to hear from people who may use them, or indeed have been unable to get the support they needed. But we also want to hear from carer’s and professionals to hear their experiences” 

Do you feel your care needs are being met? Are you visited by the same care worker on a regular basis? Do you have a choice on who cares for you? Do you feel involved in your care plan? Have you a good experience to share, please share it. Unfortunately some of you may not have had or are having a good experience, it is important you share that too. 

To share your experience contact Healthwatch by calling 01743 237884 or email [email protected]                               

The more comments received the more influence Healthwatch Shropshire has to improve services for local people.

Click here to read Healthwatch Shropshire Press Release in full: Press release – Dom care Jan 2017


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‘Food Smart’ App

See how much sugar and fat is really in your food. This app also provides you with useful tips and it tells you how to involve the kids too!  
Check this link where you can find out about how much sugar, sat fat and salt really is in your food and drinks:

Consultation relating to Shrewsbury Town Centre opens

Start Date:
9th January 2017

End Date:
12th March 2017

Start Time:

End Time:

Today, Monday 9th January sees the launch of a new consultation on a proposed Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for an area of Shrewsbury town centre and Frankwell playing fields. The consultation will run for eight weeks.

The PSPO would help the police and council officers to address certain anti-social behaviour, and has been developed in response to concerns expressed by the public, local businesses and the police in conjunction with Team Shrewsbury.

The PSPO has four main provisions consisting of: two prohibitions covering urinating/defecating and leaving personal belongings in a public space; a condition that controls the consumption of alcohol in certain circumstances; and a wider enabling provision for an authorised officer to require a person to leave the area if causing anti-social behaviour.

The PSPO aims to provide an additional tool for agencies, in particular the police, to address anti-social behaviour where it is causing nuisance, alarm, harassment or distress to any other person. It will provide a mechanism to stop anti-social behaviour and remove it without resorting to criminal action through the courts unless absolutely necessary.

The consultation is open to anyone who has an interest in Shrewsbury town centre. To find out more and give your views (including completing a survey) please follow this link:

Read a copy of the full news article from Shropshire Council here.


Shropshire Council – The Big Conversation

Residents and organisations across Shropshire are being invited to give their views on what more the council can do in light of its financial challenges due to ongoing cuts in government funding.

The call out is part of Shropshire’s Big Conversation which launched last year to better understand which services people value most and where the council should prioritise its budget.

The Big Conversation survey will resume this week and will ask residents questions about their community, health and the local economy  – the three main priorities in the council’s draft Corporate Plan.

Faced with the need to make £77m of savings by 2020/21 due to ongoing government cuts, Shropshire Council launched its ‘Big Conversation’ in August 2015 to begin an ongoing dialogue with residents, organisations and partners across the county.

Over 2,450 residents and organisations have already taken part in the Big Conversation survey and events. This resulted in Shropshire communities telling us that services for vulnerable children and adults, education and transport were perceived as priorities, where people felt savings couldn’t be made.  Feedback also gave us an insight into peoples’ views on making savings, increasing revenue, and encouraging more local involvement in providing services.

The following are examples of what residents told us and what we are doing as a result of their feedback.

  • You said: Communities need to be enabled to do more.
  • We have: Established a town and parish council forum to share ideas, good practice and support the development of joint working and delivery. We have introduced a new model for youth services. These changes have delivered a combined saving of £0.3m.
  • You said: The Council needs to raise income locally.
  • We are: Working towards generating new income through the creation of an energy company, and looking to increase income from car parks and Theatre Severn. We’ll generate an income of £0.5m if these proposals are agreed.
  • You said: Protect services for vulnerable children.
  • We have: Worked to avoid planned budget reductions of £1.2m from Looked After Care Placements and Leaving Care Support services and £0.3m within Early Help Services for children’s social care interventions.
  • You said: Early intervention in health and social care can address long-term health issues and reduce costs in the long run.
  • We have: Delayed a £4m reduction in our Adult Services budget for preventative contracts with voluntary sector organisations while we look for alternative solutions. We recognise that these organisations are fundamental in helping to support people to remain at home and accessing community-based facilities.

You can find the full report on last year’s survey here.

Councillor Cecilia Motley, Cabinet Member for or Rural Services and Communities and council lead for the Big Conversation said;

“It’s no secret that, like all councils, we are faced with the need to make substantial savings in the coming years due to continuous Government cuts.

“As there will be considerably less money, we will not be able to deliver the same services as we do now and will need to prioritise how the budget is spent.

“Shropshire’s Big Conversation, is the opportunity for you to have your say on what more we could do to ensure that Shropshire continues to remain a great place to live, learn and work.

“Please spare some time and take part in this survey. Your views will be part of the feedback councillors get before they make any decisions about the council’s future budget, and what services it will provide in the years ahead.”

Chief Executive of Shropshire Council Clive Wright added;

“The Big Conversation is an opportunity for us to discuss how we can work together and make sure that the people we support are at the heart of everything we do. We wanted to find out what is important to you and to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can meet the financial challenges we face.

“The very successful ‘Big Conversation’ events generated a great deal of useful discussion – which along with the survey results, have been taken into account and influenced our work and priorities in our draft ‘Corporate Plan’.

“We are in a slightly more stable position financially than last year, due to working in new ways, using one off funding from our reserves and the sale of assets. However this only buys us a short time to find solutions and sustain those services needed most by our local communities.

“The Big Conversation is one way we are seeking solutions, we have set up a survey to ask your views on what more we could do and we welcome your ideas and suggestions.”

For more information and to take part in Shropshire’s Big Conversation survey visit  Hard copies of the survey are available on request by calling 0345 678 9028.

The survey is due to close at the end of January.