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Rally Saturday 2nd July 2016 -Save our Swimming Pool

Many of you completed surveys earlier this year saying you wanted Shrewsbury Swimming Pool to be kept in Shrewsbury Town Centre as it is a central location. You have sited your reasons for this being transport, access, the beautiful setting as you use the Quarry for picnics, enjoyment of the Dingle & much more . Also that you use the pool and then go on to use other facilities in the town centre or while you swim other members of your family enjoy doing other things in Shrewsbury Town.(Shopping, Cinema in the Square, Coffee, Visits to the Castle, Museum etc

The Quarry Swimming & Fitness Forum have planned another march this Saturday 2nd July at 11 am. Starting from the top of Pride Hill (join in at any point on route)  followed by a rally in the Quarry. Shropshire Council will be making their decision on Wednesday 13th July on the preferred location & there is a real probability it will not be the current location. If you feel strongly that you want the pool to remain in Shrewsbury Town Centre please join this rally & ask your friends & families also to support you. 

For more information click here: A4Poster-RallyJuly2- simple

Inc Fit 250-253

Inclusive Sports Festivals-Opportunities for You

Opportunities this Summer to take part in Inclusive Sports Festivals are being brought to you by the Inclusively Fit Project which Shropshire Disability Network are an equal partner in. No need to book, just go along to take part in the FREE activities provided. This is for you & all your family & friends to partake in fun inclusive activities that are being provided by this project.

  • Saturday 18th June Shrewsbury Carnival.
  • Sunday 3rd July Oakengates Carnival.
  • Saturday 9th July Church Stretton Games and
  • Sunday 25th September Oswestry Games.

Inclusive Sport Festivals

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Deaf N Able-Coping with Deafness

Hearing Loss can affect our lives in so many ways, whether in our homes, out socialising, in relationships etc. To loose this sense can affect us (both hearing & those with hearing loss) & what we do in so many ways but help is available by joining one of Tom Kane’s lip reading classes which will be fun & in a safe environment. 

Tom from Deaf N Able will be holding lip reading classes at Signal Hub,  Unit 20-22, Riverside Mall, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 1PJ on Monday mornings between 10 am & 12 noon. Cost £5 for 2 hour sessions and you can join at anytime. Please contact Tom to find out dates. Tom can be contacted via email [email protected] or on this number 01952 418056

DNA Shrewsbury classes

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Kelda writes “Down but not Out…”

Kelda writes “Down but not out!”

So this is the moment I’ve been waiting to come for the last 2 years…to tell you whether I gor selected for Rio Paralympics or not!

But first, I think it’s important to tell you a little of what happened…

As you’ll know if you’ve read some of my previous blogs, this hasn’t been the smoothest of journeys. I’ve always tried to be open & honest with what I’ve written, for me the whole point in this blog is to show that often the things that matter the most to us, are the hardest things to achieve…but the important thing is to keep trying, never give up, to never be afraid of failure and to always be the best person you can possibly be.

So the week before the final selections I struggled to stand by all those things that I’ve said! But hey, we’re all human…something that I think goes hand in hand with all the positivity, is to be kind to yourself. We’re all allowed a bad day! And boy I was having a bad day!! The day before the selections I just let it all get on top of me. And the thing that upset me the most was the fact that this was the day we’d been focusing on for the last 2 years, and here was me wishing I wasn’t even there! It just wasn’t meant to be like this!!

But sometimes I think we have to accept that when things really matter to us we’re going to get emotional. Actually it’s a good thing, because it shows just how much we care.

And I woke up in a different place the next morning. I was ready to get out there & give it everything! But the difference in my attitude was this… I recognised I had a big challenge ahead, I had to beat the current World Champion if I was going to get selected, so the only thing I could do was get out there, give it my absolute best, and as long as I did that, the outcome would take care of itself. I just wanted to deliver the best race I knew I was capable of, and yo stay true to the person I wanted to be, If I did that I would be happy, whether I got selected or not.

And I delivered… I didn’t manage to beat the World Champion, so I won’t be on that plane to Rio, but I hit a personal best in both races ^ managed to go sub 54 seconds for the very first time.

And I am happy. I know I paddled the best race I possibly could & I was beaten by a better paddler on the day. Anne Dickens is World Champion & beat me by over 2 seconds, she is without doubt the boat to go to Rio & I am excited to see what she will do at the Games. As I told her after we finished the race “You just better make sure you get out there and win Gold now” No pressure Anne!

Rio 2016

It was the most incredible day, with so much emotion and passion from all the other athletes. I feel lucky and proud to have had the opportunity to experience being part of it, How special is it going to be able to watch my team mates competing out in Rio and I am genuinely excited to see what they will do. 6 incredible athletes have been selected who are going to do Team GB proud!

And before you all think that’s me done and dusted….no chance!!!! What last week showed me is that right now I’m just not ready to be a Paralympic paddler. It was 2 years to the days since I paddled in my first race…. and the it was all about trying to go in a straight line and not fall in!! So I see this as just a stepping stone in the journey. My focus now turns to the next 2 regattas we have left this season and then it’ll be next year with the aim of getting selected for the World & European Championships


And in 4 years time, who knows, I might be quite good…

Tokyo here we come!!!!









Learning Disability Week 20th-26th June

Learning Disability Week is fast approaching. Events are taking place in Shropshire with Shrewsbury Mencap holding an Information Stall at a Community Day at a local school. This years theme is Friends & Relationships. Mencap are encouraging people not just to celebrate the friendships they have but to go out in the community and make new ones.
We know people with Learning Difficulties find it hard to make friends & relationships so people can be isolated & this can mean it is hard to engage in local communities. For more information go to www.mencap.org.uk

Click here for LDW Poster: LDW poster

Click here for more information on LDW including ideas on what you could do: Learning Disability Week guide 2016

Click here for LDW Social Media: LDW Social Media Posts


West Mercia Police 250-253

Safer West Mercia Plan

Start Date:
1st June 2016

End Date:
17th June 2016

Start Time:
00.01 am

End Time:
23.59 pm

Police & Crime Commissioner John Campion promised to listen and engage with people as Commissioner & now wants your views to be at the heart of his work as your Commissioner.

This work has now started as he works towards a new Safer West Mercia Plan, so he wants your help to shape local priorities for the next 4 years.

The plan will set out the Commissioner’s specific aims for making communities safer and reducing harm. Click here to take part in the survey that ends FRIDAY 17th June 2016


If you are unable to complete the survey electronically please contact the OPCC office on 01905 331656 or email [email protected]  to make alternative arrangements.

The Commissioner is inviting communities to make their voices heard from the outset, to ensure their opinions and needs are reflected in the final plan. To that end, an initial consultation has started, which will run until the 17th of June 2016. The responses will be analysed and used to help form a draft plan.

maximus 250-253

End the Contracts of ATOS, Capita & Maximus

Start Date:
1st June 2016

End Date:
27th November 2016

Start Time:
00.01 am

End Time:
23.59 pm

If you believe ATOS, Capita & Maximus are not doing a good job, here is your opportunity to sign a petition with an aim to end their contracts. 

We hear from members about treatment at assessments & re-assessments. We know vulnerable people are getting wrongly assessed by Atos, Capita and Maximus  as they don’t listen to what people have to say. They can also be intimidating & contradict what doctors & hospital consultants say. We read in the news they putting lives at risk.

If you feel you, your friends & family have been/are being affected, here is an opportunity to sign a petition asking to end the contracts of ATOS, Capita & Maximus.

Click here to access & sign this petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/130787

healthwatch shropshire 250-253

Ambulance Service-Tell us about your experience

Start Date:
1st June 2016

End Date:
30th June 2016

Start Time:
00.01 am

End Time:
23.59 pm

Every month Healthwatch Shropshire have a hot topic. This month they are seeking your views about the county’s ambulance service. Whether you have had a wonderful experience or things could have been better, they would like to know. This is about use of non-emergency patient transport.

Here is an idea of what they would like you to share.

  • Care & Treatment while on board.
  • Did you have a long wait for your transport to arrive and/or return home.
  • How easy was it to book transport to get to your appointment.
  • What was your experience on reaching your destination ie A & E, Clinic, Home etc

Your personal details from information you share will be kept anonymous unless you request otherwise.

Click here to give feedback http://www.healthwatchshropshire.co.uk/content/speak-out

Or you can send Feedback to us to : FREEPOST, Healthwatch Shropshire, 4 The Creative Quarter, Shrewsbury Business Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY2 6LG



SDN 250 by 253

It’s almost here! SDN meeting Thursday 9th June, a date not to miss.

We at Shropshire Disability Network are hoping you will all support us at this weeks meeting. It is the first meeting we have held at University Centre Shrewsbury, Guildhall, Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 8HQ

Join us between 10.30 am & 11 am for refreshments prior to starting the meeting, This gives you opportunity to meet other members (not been to a meeting before then bring a friend along, they will be welcome to) 

After the necessary business which includes an update of what has been happening over the last 3 months, we look forward to welcoming two guest speakers.

  • Katrina Gilman-Equality & Diversity Officer for Telford Wrekin & Shropshire will talk to us about Hate Crime & Disability Awareness. Katrina took on this role when Ann Shaw retired at the end of December 2015. Katrina has worked for West Mercia Police since 2000. She has worked in varying roles in the Criminal Justice Department. She is passionate about Safe Places, a community initiative we lead on.
  • Our second speaker us Kerrie Berroyer from Dazlious, learning the language of Autism. She has her own story to tell, having no knowledge of autism, she was thrust into it in 2005 when her son was born. This meant her professional career had to take a back seat!

During the course of the morning (finish by 1 pm) you will have opportunity to network. We have Sign Language Interpreters (BSL) at all our meetings. To help meet our ongoing costs, we also hold a raffle (tickets £1 a strip) & we thank those of you who donate prizes.

Come along  & see the Awards we won at the recent Mayor of Shrewsbury Awards evening as we are rightly proud to show them off. The Management Committee believe this will be a great morning & we look forward to meeting you. We hope you will enable us to have a record attendance. See you Thursday.


boccia bowls 250-253

Boccia Bowles a first at this years See & Hear Exhibition

We at Shropshire Disability Network were pleased to accept hosting a Boccia Bowles Tournament at this years See & Hear Exhibition. For several years now we have had a stand & it is a date that is now part of our calender of events that we engage with.

Every year Pauline Rose, VTTS Manager Provider Services Assessment & Eligibility Team Vision Technology & Training Shropshire & her team always manage to bring something different to the day & this year was no exception. 

This year for us was extra special as not only did we have our stand there, despite many difficulties we “pulled off ” the first Boccia Bowles Tournament & have accepted the invitation to do it again in 2017. We thank Alli Richardson My Guide Ambassador with Shrewsbury Mobility Guide Dogs for her never ending support. Ruby our Chairperson after the event said ” I was fortunate to have support from trained students from Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology. They helped by setting up, ensuring every one was in the right place at the right time, helped to assist those taking part. They took photo’s & short video’s. They were so enthusiastic supportive & helpful. They are a credit to Shrewsbury College. I know they enjoyed having the experience, I hope next year they will support us again. Thank you to all who helped.”

She continued “Two weeks prior to the event, we thought we would have to do “taster sessions” but suddenly we had 7 teams enabling us to run a proper tournament. With 3 teams from Lindale Court, The Maidens & Musketeers 2 teams & Baschurch 2 teams we had a very feisty & memorable day. While competitive, it was also fun. Lots of laughs and one or two things that we can change to make next years tournament even better”.

All participants were awarded a medal & the winning team Lindale Court Team 1 were presented with a Silver Salva by Colin Elliott (Mobility Team Manager Guide Dogs for the Blind)  courtesy of See & Hear 2016

Make a date for next year Wednesday 10th May 2017 for their 10th Anniversary, plans are already being made to make this even more special.