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Healthwatch Shropshire focus on Opthalmology

Start Date:
1st September 2016

End Date:
30th September 2016

Start Time:

End Time:

This month Healthwatch Shropshire’s “Hot Topic is Ophthalmology. If you have any comments for Healthwatch about the Opthalmology department at the hospital please contact them on 01743 237884 or [email protected] 

This is an opportunity to comment on the good as well as the not so good experiences in order to feedback on what works & what doesn’t enabling improvements that to be made. It is so important that those using this service say what works for them as it is you that is affected most.

Healthwatch Shropshire have linked in with Shropshire library service who have “Tell Us leaflets” and post boxes in various libraries across the county. These provide you with another opportunity to get in touch and have your say. The boxes are emptied regularly by Healthwatch Shropshire & your views collected to ensure your voice is heard. Boxes can be found in the following locations.

Bishop’s Castle Library

Bridgnorth Library

Church Stretton Library

Library at the Lantern

Ludlow Library

Market Drayton Library

Oswestry Library

Shrewsbury Library

Wem Library

Whitchurch Library



EFDS Press Release on Media Coverage of Disability Sports

With just days to go before the Rio Paralympics begins, the English Federation of Disability (EFDS) Sports issued a press release at 9 am today (Wednesday 31st August)

Click here for EFDS Press Release: EFDS on Media-Disability Sport

SDN asks

  1. “Would you like to see more coverage of disability sport on TV from the Paralympics?”
  2. “Do you think enough media coverage is given to disability sport locally?”
  3. Would you generally like to see disability sports events included more often in the media?”

Why not leave us a reply, SDN would be pleased to hear your views.

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Inclusive Sport & Activity Roadshow.

The Inclusively Fit Project (which Shropshire Disability Network is a partner in) is welcoming clubs & groups within Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin to be part of the first Inclusive Sport and Activity Roadshow. This is  a week-long campaign that will celebrate opportunities to be active, regardless of background, age or ability.

The roadshow will take place during the week of Monday 19th September to Sunday 25th September 2016 and aims to enable local people to take part in a wide range of inclusive recreational activities right across the county through a series of open taster sessions provided by local groups, clubs and venues.

Coinciding with the end of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, the roadshow will bring an opportunity for many to engage with sport and activity at a local level.

Clubs & groups need to register by 31st August. For more information about this roadshow click here: Inclusively Fit Roadshow

To Register the Activity your Club or Group will host, click here: IAR Activity Registration Form

Shropshire Disability Network, will be bringing you news of events taking place during this special week




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Medical Alert Seat Belt Covers

Have you wondered what might happen if you were involved in an accident and were unable to tell the emergency services about your medical conditions?

This appears to be one solution. A seat belt cover which lists your conditions clearly. They can be bought ‘off the peg’ or customised to your specific conditions. These belts are shipped from America.

The manufacturer says:

“I am excited to introduce “HELP BELTS,” the medical alert seat belt covers that speak for your loved ones when they can’t! HELP BELTS alert emergency personal to pre-existing conditions in order to prevent medical misdiagnosis in life threatening motor vehicle accidents.

When the HELP BELT is in place, First Responders are given vital information even when you aren’t able to advocate for them.

Having a son who is non-verbal, has autism and also epilepsy I always fear being in an accident or a situation where I become incapacitated or worse. This is why I created HELP BELTS!”

Prices start at £10.84 plus £9.94 shipping costs. For further information or to place an order go to:

Similar belts are available online in the UK from companies such as Amazon. They can also be bought via various shops on which means if you choose to support us, SDN would get a donation from each sale at no extra cost to you!

Jo & Jess

Jo shares her experience of being a Mother, Carer

Jo, Mother of Jess shares the up’s and down’s of being a parent bringing up a child with learning difficulties. Would she change things?  SDN, thanks Jo for sharing with us. Jo writes-

“I am a mother, so are many other women. When you become a parent the whole world turns upside down and will never be the same again. This little human being put into your arms is yours, they didn’t ask to be born you created them and from that moment on you will be there for them no matter what. The love you have for them is like no other, sometimes it hurts you love them so much.

As they grow up, you nurture them, hopefully help them to understand the world we live in is sometimes good, sometimes not so good. You watch them become a person in their own right, become confident and go out into the world to create a life they want and no matter what they achieve, however big or small, you are so proud of them.

But sometimes things don’t go to plan and that little form put into your arms is going to need a bit more help to get to that same place. Why? They are disabled and life becomes even more topsy turvy, for them and you!

There is anger, fear, exhaustion, frustration. But there is also joy, laughter, and determination. But the things that really stand out. How it changes your life, the constant fight from day to day 24/7, and then there is the guilt!

I am privileged and proud to be mum of two wonderful children. Tom now happily married and given me two beautiful grandsons, but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say some of his early days were somewhat challenging. But he has brought so much joy, fun and love into my life.

I have also have a daughter, Jess!

Where do I start? My daughter now 32, has changed my life and that of my family for the better. She was born fighting, has never stopped, and that has rubbed off on me. I wouldn’t change her for the world, her love of life, her determination, her energy and her great big smile which if we could bottle and sell, we would be millionaires! But I would change the system around her as life is one big battering ram and yes, I feel like giving up and have nearly done so many times but I never will as I am determined until the day I die I will fight to make sure Jess and those like her are protected and safe when I am no longer here!

At 12 days old Jess went through major heart surgery, given a 50-50 chance of surviving that and the first year. After weeks of 2 hourly spoon feeding and another 3 years of trying to encourage her to eat she was on her way. But at the age of two we knew something wasn’t quite right and she was diagnosed with learning disabilities. Then I noticed that her tiny little feet weren’t looking quite right and she was walking on tiptoes. For the next 5 years she wore splints which helped to a certain extent, but during this time was diagnosed with a degenerative foot condition, which will mean she will become a wheelchair user as time goes on. I will always remember the day that splints came off for good “Mum they hurt so much!” never once had she complained.

Then there was the year long battle to get Jess statemented so she could move to a special school where she blossomed. Leaving there at 19 Jess went away to college for 3 years on her return home Jess announced “I don’t want to live at home can I have a flat?” We thought life had been hard with the constant assessments, reviews, negativity and lack of support, it now trebled! Having gone through the removal of cataracts on both eyes it was another year before Jess had her first flat!

But the system never left us alone. The goal posts constantly changing and phone calls to ask whether Jess’s disability has improved, oh yes! The forms you have to fill in, find a box to tick that fits Jess’s disability and told if you don’t tick a box Jess won’t get a benefit”.


Next time “Hitting 25, does it get easier or harder”

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Are you Aware of your Loved One’s Rights?

Jemma Jones, Solicitor with Lanyon Bowdler asks “Are you Aware of your Loved One’s Rights? Click on this link, to find out more as Jemma shares information & puts us straight on important issues & considerations when loved ones may need to go into a Care home..

Thank you to our sponsors Lanyon Bowdler for letting us share this blog.

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Sight Loss Opportunity Groups (SLOGs) -September Activities

All sessions are FREE unless otherwise stated.

Oswestry Group meets on Wednesday 7th September 10 am to 12 noon at Oswestry Library.

This month we will have a session on Laughter Yoga.

Ludlow Group meets on Monday 12th September 10.30 am -12.30 pm at St Peters Church, Henley Road, Ludlow.

This month we will have a demonstration of visual aid equipment from Associated Optical.

Shrewsbury Cycling at Sundorne Sports Village-Wednesday 21st september 10.30 am-11.30 am

We will be having our cycling session at Sundorne Sports Village, Sundorne Shrewsbury SY1 1RQ


Shrewsbury group meets on Monday 26th September 2 pm -4 pm at Roy Fletcher Centre

Our meeting will be about Diabetes and also Healthwatch (the health and social care champion for people and local communities in Shropshire.)

Rachel is on holiday from Friday 26th August until Tuesday 13th Sept. Steve Brown will be at the Oswestry SLOG on the 7th & Julie at the Ludlow SLOG on the 12th to make the teas etc. Rachel says “If you have any queries whilst I’m away please contact Julie on 01743 342168 or [email protected] up until 1st Sept and Daphne Simmons on 01743 342161 or [email protected] after the 1st Sept”.

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ROH Live Season 2016/17 with subtitles

ROH Live Season 2016/17 with subtitles in English.

The Royal Opera House have published their 2016/17 programme. 12 productions, 6 from The Royal Opera & 6 from The Royal Ballet.  All 12 productions will be relayed live on screen at The Walker Theatre, Seven Theatre Shrewsbury or the Old Market Hall Cinema, Shrewsbury. All have English Subtitles. Look under our Events as we will try to bring you more details of each individual production.

Click here for details of all productions: ROH Programme

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Care Act 2014 blog by Neil Davies

Last year Neil Davies, Associate Solicitor and Head of the Court of Protection Team with Lanyon Bowdler, Shrewsbury was one of our guest speakers at The Big Care Debate. Just one year on, SDN asks has it made a difference or not?

Click here to read Neil’s Blog giving us an update on the Care Act 2014 

Thank you to Lanyon Bowdler for allowing us to share this blog with our members.